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    Renee Mcintire

    We have a faculty website that is only accessible by ONYEN . We have files on this site that should be for Faculty eyes only. However, we had someone email us and say that when they put the websites address in to a google search a long with “transcripts” or “letters of recommendation” – they were able to get search results of PDF files on that site. Those PDF’s were clicked on and opened without need of an ONYEN to access the site they were uploaded to.

    I did a similar search and was able to do the same. How do we protect the PDF files from being located on google? I guess it is odd someone would do this search to begin with, but now we are concerned that we are missing a security step. Is is a plug in option? Do we need to password protect the PDF itself?

    Thanks for any insight.


    Ian Ragsdale

    In your media library, you can choose individual files and check the box to enforce Onyen authentication for those individual files. I’m not sure how reliable this feature is, but it is there.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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